Anna Belcher

Anna BelcherMember-at-large, 2016 - 2017


I studied Oceanography at The University of Southampton, a 4 year MSC course with a year abroad at the University of Washington, Seattle. I was lucky enough to be working with a great team of scientists in Seattle and got some great sea going experience all over the Pacific. I love being at sea! After a brief bit of gallivanting around the world with a friend, I spent two years working as an Oceanographic Surveyor (some might say a 'real job'), before starting a PhD at the University of Southampton to get back to pure research and sea going.

I really enjoy outreach and have a passion for polar research, so being involved with UKPN is a really great way to combine these 🙂

Current Research

I am currently at the final stages of my PhD, during which I have been looking at the role of biology in the uptake and storage of carbon in the deep sea. Particularly, my research is focused on the region of South Georgia, Antarctica, which meant I was fortunate enough to take part in two research cruises to the Southern Ocean - a spectacular place!

Contacts Email: Twitter: @Oceans_Anna