ISAES XI and Outreach at Our Dynamic Earth

The 11th International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences in Edinburgh, UK, was a resounding success for the UK Polar Network, APECS, all those in attendance and polar science as a whole!

A record number of delegates attended ISAES XI, with over 500 registrations for the five-day conference. This conference was such a success for early career researchers as we made up almost a quarter of all participants and represented over 30 countries!

ISAES awarded partial funding to over 40 early career scientists to enable them to attend the conference. Enormous thanks to SCAR and the ISAES XI Steering Committee for this generous financial support.

Alongside the impressive and varied ground-breaking science at the ISAES XI conference, there was an exciting programme of events for early career scientists…

Early Career Evening

On Monday 11th July, APECS and the UK Polar Network hosted an Early Career Evening consisting of an Expert Mentoring Panel on “Succeeding in Polar Science” with a drinks reception and then continued informal networking for early career and senior scientists. The Panel was made up of an impressive group of senior polar scientists with the expertise to give us the inspiration and advice to kick-start our careers in polar science! Topics covered were diverse and interesting, ranging from science in the current financial climate and the best sources of polar science jobs to getting back into polar science after time-out and how to juggle a successful science career with having a family and the other demands of life as a polar scientist! It is with sincere thanks that we acknowledge our mentors, who made the evening so informative, inspirational and entertaining:Professor Mahlon (Chuck) Kennicutt II, President of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)

Professor Jane Francis, Chair of the UK National Committee for Antarctic Research
Professor Michael Hambrey, Secretary of SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Geosciences
Dr. Gonçalo Vieira, Co-chair of the SCAR Expert Group on Permafrost and Periglacial Environments
Dr. Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben, Senior Researcher at Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Dr. Cliff Atkins, Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington


Education and Outreach

With special thanks to Athena Dinar, British Antarctic Survey, and Dr Liz Pasteur, IPF
Concurrent with the ISAES XI conference, three “Antarctic Open Days” were held at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh’s number one natural science centre. A team of scientists from the UK Polar Network, APECS, the British Antarctic Survey and the International Polar Foundation entertained and educated over 1000 members of the public from Scotland and across the world with a host of interactive activities, hands-on (and feet-in!) displays, 3-D polar puzzles and lively discussion groups. A wonderful time was had by all and the feedback from visitors and staff at Our Dynamic Earth was glowing! The event even featured on local television and in newspapers, so well done and thank you to all those involved!

 IPF Polar Puzzles Antarctic Clothing

Outreach competition

The UK Polar Network held a competition for young visitors: Design an Antarctic Research Station! With pictures and discussions of real-life Antarctic research stations, designs were created by budding polar heroes aged 4 – 14 and the quality was outstanding! The overall standard was so high, in fact, that it was impossible to choose one winner. The four best stations by Aoife O’Flynn aged 8, Ciaran O’Flynn aged 10, Demi Scorfield and Conor Byron, both aged 12, are displayed here – congratulations to all our winners!


Aoife O'FlynnAoife O’Flynn
Ciaran O'FlynnCiaran O’Flynn

Demi ScorfieldDemi Scorfield
Conor ByronConor Byron