Polar Family Day 2023

On 25th November 2023, UKPN’s annual polar families day at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich gave dozens of young children and adults a chance to explore the world of polar science for themselves. Volunteers from our network across the country travelled to London to offer a unique hands-on experience, including the chance to interact with 3-D table maps of the polar ice caps, dress up in polar field gear, learn about polar animals through crafts, and more!

Polar Family Day 2023 at the National Maritime Museum

Education about threats to the polar regions was a key theme of the day, with members from the British Antarctic Survey showing off samples and giving visitors the chance to examine them under a microscope, to learn about the problem of microplastics in polar oceans. Meanwhile, the event was the first public outing for the exciting Climate Change: It’s in Our Hands board game, developed by researchers at Northumbria University, in which children (and adults!) learned how to take on responsibility for tackling climate change and saving the planet.

Polar Family Day 2023 at the National Maritime Museum

Finally, a number of great talks were given, both by UKPN’s own early-career scientists, on their research into melting glaciers and adapting seabirds, and by the museum’s own facilitators, who brought into focus the experiences of Arctic indigenous people and threats to ocean life in the face of ongoing social and environmental changes. All in all, the day was jam-packed with fun and learning, not just for the young visitors, but for all those involved. A massive thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who helped out from UKPN and the National Maritime Museum – we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Edmund Lea, UKPN Festivals Team