The UK Polar Network embraces members from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to making the polar sciences a welcoming and inclusive place for all, regardless of race, sexuality, gender, disability status, culture or background. Inclusive organisations that encourage and support individuals from diverse backgrounds and with unique perspectives result in better science. The UKPN is driven to make our field inclusive and accessible for all. 

We at the UK Polar Network have a wide demography. Our membership base spans from undergraduate students to senior academics, field guides, teachers, researchers and retired scientists. We are aware of numerous systemic barriers that prevent people from a range of backgrounds from being as involved in polar research or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Only 6.8% of our members described themselves as belonging to a BAME ethnic group, as opposed to around 16% in UK Higher Education STEM and 18% of the UK population.

The UKPN is on the steering committee for the Diversity in Polar Science Iniative. More information on our EDI initiatives is coming to this page soon!