Career mentor panel at IGS-BB 2011

The UK Polar Network will be hosting a Career Mentoring Panel at the British Antarctic Survey during the IGS British Branch Meeting (7-8th September). In addition to the scientific program, the panel will be a great opportunity for early career researchers to ask mentors questions about taking the next steps in their careers. This is open to all early career scientists registered at the meeting:

The IGS British Branch Annual Meeting is an informal two-day meeting at which presentations are welcome on all aspects of ice and snow research. Postgraduate students in particular are welcome to attend and present their work. The meeting will consist of both oral and poster presentation sessions.

Registration closes on Wednesday 6th July.


UKPN Science Communication Workshop

In a rapidly changing world, the ability of scientists to communicate their work to the public is becoming ever more important, and training in this key skill ever more valuable. The UK Polar Network will be holding a workshop on the 12th-14th January 2011 at the University of Aberdeen, providing a fantastic opportunity for early career polar scientists to develop their proficiency within this area.

Many different aspects of science communication and public engagement will be explored during the workshop. These will include the making of natural and scientific television programmes; the link between research establishments and the media and public; the role of government in science communication; expeditions as a means of inspiring and educating young people, and scientific and polar exhibitions and attractions.

Interaction and informal discussion will form a key part of all sessions. External speakers will be present from the BBC, the Open University, the Scottish Government, the University of Aberdeen, Education Through Expeditions, and the British Antarctic Survey, providing invaluable expertise and experience from which participants can learn.

Practical experience in outreach and communication will also be emphasized, with participants given the chance to present talks and posters of their own, and take part in a hands-on session on effective outreach. This aspect of the workshop will cumlinate in an actual outreach event, planned with local school groups, to give participants the chance to put their new and improved skills into practice.

Registration for the Aberdeen workshop will open on the UK Polar Network website in autumn 2010. Attendance will carry a nominal fee, but it is anticipated that funds will be made available to support travel and accommodation for participants that have no other source of expenses funding.

The dissemination and communication of polar science and issues remains a key focus of the UK Polar Network. This science communication workshop will provide early career researchers with the skills, abilities and confidence required to better themselves as ambassadors for their fields, for the Network and for science as a whole.

We invite all early career polar scientists from across the UK and around the world to this exciting workshop and we look forward to welcoming you to Aberdeen in January!

Polar Sedimentary Processes and Archives Workshop

The UKPN and Loughborough University are pleased to announce the Polar Sedimentary Processes and Archives workshop as the latest in the 2010 series of UKPN career skills workshops.

Location: Loughborough University
Dates: 18th and 19th of November 2010.
Sedimentary archives are key indicators of past environmental change across a range of timescales.  Coupled with an understanding of contemporary sediment processes, they make it possible to reconstruct terrestrial, cryospheric, atmospheric, marine, and lacustrine conditions, which are vital for accurate modelling of future scenarios for climate change.

The workshop aims to explore the following themes:

• How is the polar sedimentary archive used to understand past environmental processes?

• How can past polar sedimentary processes be interpreted in terms of environmental and climatic change?

• What uncertainties are there in the sedimentary record (past and present), and what are the strengths and weaknesses of the differing sedimentary records available in polar regions?

•       How can we use polar sediments from different sources to obtain a regional perspective on past and present environmental change that would benefit climate modelling?

We intend to appeal to early career researchers (MSc, PhD and post-doctoral researchers) working in polar, sub polar or alpine regions with an emphasis on sediments. The intention is to cover a range of sub-disciplines within the earth sciences including, glacial and periglacial sedimentology, limnology and palaeolimnology, hydrology, aeolian, marine and atmospheric sciences. This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome all polar researchers.

Proposed sessions include

• Glacial and periglacial sediments
• Lacustrine sediments
• Aeolian and Atmospheric sediments
• Marine sediments
• Arctic hydrology
• Modelling future change in the Polar regions

Planned sessions also include advice about publishing and a panel session on field research skills by leading academics.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for peer to peer networking, skills training, encouraging collaborations and increasing the technical and scientific knowledge of participants. All delegates will be encouraged to do an oral presentation or produce a poster about their research, and will be encouraged to help in the organisation of the workshop, such as chairing sessions.

It is anticipated that a small fee (no more than £10) will be charged for all delegates attending the workshop. This is a postgraduate event and costs will be kept to a minimum. The UKPN has donated some funding towards the conference which will be used to support travel and accommodation expenses of delegates. We invite all delegates to claim some funding towards the conference costs.

We ask interested participants to pre-register by the 31st of August 2010 by using the online questionnaire at  If you have any questions please email

IPY Oslo Science Conference, 8-12 June 2010


The IPY Oslo Science Conference, taking place 8-12 June 2010 in Oslo, Norway, is the major IPY Conference, a brilliant opportunity to show off your polar science whether it’s part of an IPY project or not. The IPY Oslo Conference also sets a precedent for the involvement of early career scientists at all levels of the conference and the activities during the event. APECS is coordinating the activities, and of course UKPN members are involved too! Spread the word so that this becomes the highlight of the year!

The submission deadline for abstracts is the 20th January 2010, so get your abstracts in!! To submit, go to this webpage: There is plenty of support available for early career scientists (reduced registration fees, accommodation, Oslo stipends, travel fellowships), all of it tied to abstract submission. Any question regarding the application process, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We would like to use this opportunity to highlight some of the sessions UKPN members are (co-)organising and show you what else there is for early career scientists.

Sessions with UKPN (or UK based APECS) conveners (apologies if I forgot anybody!):

  • T2-1 Climate and paleoclimate dynaimcs and processes (Louise Sime, BAS)
  • T2-4 Permafrost on a warming planet (Matt Strzelecki, Uni Durham)
  • T2-6 Ocean physical and geochemical dynamics and processes (Povl Abrahamsen, BAS)
  • T3-8 Ecosystems of the Southern Ocean (Angelika Renner, BAS/UEA)
  • T6-3 Adventures in the field: Impact of field programs for students, teachers, artists, writers and others (Allen Pope, SPRI)
  • T6-4 Global learning: The impact of the media (Jose Xavier, BAS)

APECS activities during the conference: APECS Professional Development Workshop – workshop with session on publishing your research, communicating science, funding, alternative careers, and more

APECS Reception – speed dating with potential mentors

APECS Lounge – in the middle of everything! THE meeting point of the conference

Awards for outstanding presentations and posters!

Application includes Oslo Stipend, Travel Fellowships and the APECS Professional Development Workshop

  • 20 February 2010 Abstract Acceptance Notification Date
  • 25 February 2010 Notification of Oslo Stipend Awards
  • 1 March 2010 Notification of Acceptance in APECS Workshop
  • 5 March 2010 Deadline to Confirm Stipend Acceptance
  • 8 March 2010 Stipend Recipients Conference Registration Deadline

So get your abstracts polished and send them in! For more info check and

See you in Oslo,


UKPN Annual General Meeting 2010

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Royal Astronomical Society’s rooms in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London. 

At the AGM we will discuss the future of the UKPN and we encourage all UKPN members to participate in the meeting. The outline of the meeting is:

  • An overview of UKPN, its aims and general future directions
  • An overview of UKPN events in 2009.
  • Discussion about UKPN events in 2010.
  • Discussion about the proposed spring/summer school in 2011.
  • A talk by an external scientist on a broad, topical subject.

More information will follow soon.