The UKPN encourages members to visit their local schools and share the importance of Polar Science with young people in all age groups. UKPN members have set up independent visits to local schools, have returned to their previous schools, and have also been active participants in their current universities’ schools outreach programs. The UKPN aims to have school visits tailored to fit the expertise of the scientist and the requirements of the host school; ranging from short assemblies to full lessons and interactive workshops.

No matter what the format, getting involved in outreach is always extremely rewarding. To give an example, you can read about UKPN member Jennifer King‘s visit to the Silverhill Primary School in Derby here.

We also have strong connections with the International Polar Foundation, a fabulous source of outreach materials for all ages; and some of our members have been trained to work with their educational materials, for example, the Class Zero Emissions workshop.



If you have previously had a UKPN visit to your school, please take a moment to provide some feedback using the online form here or by downloading from here and returning to us by email.


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