14/10/2024 – 21/10/2024 Networking and training event for Icelandic and UK Early Career Researchers (ECRs) onboard the RRS Sir David Attenborough (SDA)

Image of Sir David Attenborough research ship

Applications open: Deadline 31st May

We would like to invite you to apply for a ‘networking and training event for Icelandic and UK Early Career Researchers onboard the RRS Sir David Attenborough (SDA)’. The event will take place on board the SDA as the icebreaker vessel undertakes a five-day passage from Portsmouth (UK) to Madeira (Portugal) from the 14/10/2024 – 21/10/2024. 

The event is a collaboration between UKPN and our counterparts at APECS Iceland. The aim is to provide an opportunity to foster future scientific collaborations between UK and Icelandic ECRs. 

Whilst on board the SDA the programme will consist of networking activities, practical sessions, scientific talks and exploration of the ship’s scientific equipment. We will have experienced trainers on board, who will be able to bring expertise in at-sea polar research. 

Who is this event for?

Please note that we can only accept a limited number of applicants (5). 

To be able to apply please ensure you fulfil the following criteria: 

  • You are available on the following dates 14/10/2024 – 21/10/2024.
  • You are affiliated with a UK institution, are living in the UK or are part of the UK research community. (Important to note – there is a different selection process for the Icelandic ECRs involved). 
  • You are within 10 years of your last qualification (i.e. BSc/MSc/PhD). If you are an undergraduate, you are in your final year.

To apply for this opportunity applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • How experience on a research vessel would benefit your future career aspirations. 
  • How you will be a good ambassador for the UK, Polar Research in the UK, and the UK Polar Network during the cruise. 
  • What you hope to bring to the event, in terms of your own personal traits, your experience and ability to work in a team.

We are prioritising candidates whose future career would benefit from at-sea experience on a research vessel and have not previously had the opportunity to undertake at-sea research. Alongside traditional academic roles, we encourage people to apply who are interested in other roles that may be on board at-sea research vessels e.g. science support roles, at-sea consultancy work, marine mammal observation, etc. We encourage people to apply who have one of the following characteristics: LGBTQIA+, are an ethnic minority, have a disability, are neurodiverse, are a carer or a first-generation university-attendee. 

How much does attending cost?

This opportunity is fully funded by NERC Arctic Office, including travel to/from the UK. Participants are not expected to subsidise any associated costs. Attendees will be fully funded to get their personal survival techniques certification which they will need to come aboard. This qualification will last 5 years. 

How do I apply to participate in this event?

To apply, individuals should fill in this application form no later than 11:59 pm BST 31st May 2024

If you have any questions concerning the application form or event, please email training@polarnetwork.org

Image credit: Sam Hunt, 2024.