Media: UKPN Atmospheric Sciences Workshop

(Pictures by Helen Atkinson, Shannon Fargey and Nanna Karlsson)

The UKPN Atmospheric Sciences Workshop, held at the British Antarctic Survey from 29th April – 1st May 2009, was a huge success. Thirty five early career polar researchers from around the world came together to present their own research, listen to talks by senior scientists on their career and on science in the polar regions, and take part in practical workshops. From group discussions on the future of polar research with members of the BAS board of directors to career development discussion groups with polar scientists at various stages of their career, this workshop gave the participants chance to discuss the hot topics of polar science.

Instrumentation lectures, practical sessions and informal discussions on measurement techniques above the poles provided a broad timetable for those participants interested in field measurements. A computer modelling practical session, combined with talks on climate, meteorology, extreme weather and the use of statistics, encouraged a greater understanding of computer models.

The posters presented by the participants were truly outstanding, with congratulations to Ingrid Cnossen (BAS), Roisin Commane (University of Leeds), Jonathan Barichivic (UEA) and Valerie Livina (UEA) for winning prizes.

We would like to thank all the speakers and panellists present for helping to make the workshop such a great event, and we look forward to seeing you at UKPN workshops and network days in the future, details of which will be on the website soon!