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Check page 7 of your programme (emailed to you on Friday 30th April, or in your registration confirmation). 

Advance questions:

  1. Navigating the new research landscape: challenges and solutions for UK Polar research in 2021 – keynote panel. Our panel will contain representatives from the UK Arctic Office, the UN Decade of Ocean Science Arctic Task Force, APECS, the NERC Net Zero Oceanographic Capability scoping project and the British Antarctic Survey.  If you have questions about the main research landscape drivers (e.g. Brexit; COVID; the United National Decade of Ocean Science; international policy; reaching net-zero emissions while researching) or solutions to current challenges, please submit them here This will be open until the day of the session.
  2. Vicky Auld is a water safety officer for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and has been the Base Commander of various Antarctic Research Stations. Vicky will be giving an employability workshop on the theme of leaving research & staying at the Poles: diverse careers using Polar knowledge. Vicky is prerecording her talk in the employability panel due to time restraints. If you would like to ask Vicky about her career path or what it is like working as a Base Commander in Antarctica, please submit questions here before Monday the 19th of April

Programme and networking

Before the conference, you will receive a full programme for PolarECC. This will contain workshop speaker biographies, abstracts and a participant list with contact details and social media handles. We hope this participant list will act as a network for you to use in the future. If you would like to be named on this list, please fill out this form:


There are several steps that we are taking to make the conference accessible:

  • Captioning – All presentations will have live captioning, with transcripts of the captions made available at the end of the day.
  • PDFs – We are requesting PDF copies of presentation slides and posters in advance, which will be made available to participants the morning of the conference. This will mean any written work will be accessible to those with disabilities and speakers of other languages.
  • #PolarECC – We have made our social media posts accessible, such as by including Alt text on the conference advert. When posting about the conference on social media we request you capitalise our hashtag, as this is readable for screen readers and those with conditions such as Dyslexia.

Data sharing

Some data is unpublished, embargoed, or just not yet ready to be seen by the outside world. If you see a camera icon with a line through it, please do not photograph or share that slide or poster.

Technological Requirements:

Please ensure your internet connection is as stable and strong as you can for the session (e.g. use a wired connection or WiFi over a mobile connection, preferably with 10 Mbps download speed). To participate in the virtual poster sessions, you will need a computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux and either Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. For the other sessions, mobile devices are compatible.