Anna Belcher

Anna BelcherHead, Education & Outreach , 2017 Р2018


I studied Oceanography at The University of Southampton, a 4 year MSC course with a year abroad at the University of Washington, Seattle. I was lucky enough to be working with a great team of scientists in Seattle and got some great sea going experience all over the Pacific. I love being at sea! After a brief bit of gallivanting around the world with a friend, I spent two years working as an Oceanographic Surveyor (some might say a ‘real job’), before starting a PhD at the University of Southampton to get back to pure research and sea going.

I really enjoy outreach and have a passion for polar research, so being involved with UKPN is a really great way to combine these.

Current Research

I have just started my first post-doc at the British Antarctic Survey, during which I will be looking at the role of biology in the uptake and storage of carbon in the deep sea, both in the Antarctic and off South Africa. Additionally, I will be using remote sensing techniques to look at the  phytoplankton as a food supply to the dominiant marine grazers in the Arctic- copepods. Excitingly, I get to go back to the Southern Ocean around South Georgia! : )



Twitter: @Oceans_Anna