Anya Schlich-Davies

Social Media , 2017 – 2018


My interest in cold environments started during my A levels, but took off during my undergraduate thanks to the opportunity to go and do 6 weeks of independent fieldwork in the Swiss Alps for my dissertation. Last year, I did a Polar and Alpine Masters at the University of Sheffield, where I studied climate and environmental change in high latitude and altitude regions. My thesis focussed on the effect of sea ice decline in the Russian Arctic seas on phytoplankton blooms. During my Masters I spent 6 weeks doing a course in Svalbard, which included studying glacier mass balance using a variety of methods. A polar bear visited our camp during a week of fieldwork out there, which was a pretty exciting experience!

Current Research

I am currently doing a PhD at the University of Leeds looking at the response of glaciers in the Nepal Himalayas to future atmospheric changes. The region is pretty under studied, and our knowledge of glacial change there is currently using very coarse resolution climate models, meaning a lot of work needs to be done trying to make more accurate and localised predictions of change. However I think this makes it a challenging and exciting place to study!




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