Ella Darlington

Ella DarlingtonMember-at-large, 2016 – 2017

PhD Candidate, Loughborough University


I graduated with Masters of Oceanography from the University of Southampton at the National Oceanography Centre. Following this I worked for the  Norwegian Polar Institute on their annual Fram Strait cruises (2010 & 2011), on both the sea ice and oceanography teams. In addition I led the education and outreach on  Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT20) sailing from Southampton to Punta Arenas, Chile.

My masters thesis was looking at the relationships between the Atlantic water inflow to the Barents Sea, and the subsequent impact on sea ice formation.  I was on the Biogeochemistry team on the ANDREX 2 (Antarctic Deepwater Rates of Export) in the Southern Ocean. This involved nutrient (Nitrate, Phosphate and Silicate) and dissolved oxygen analysis onboard RRS James Clark Ross.

Current Research

I am currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University in Antarctic climatology, with sponsorship from Extreme World Races. The project involves installing automatic weather stations in east Antarctica December 2011, and retrieving them December 2012. These data will be used to quantify the mass balance of the ice sheet and help improve the accuracy of a model.

Contact: ella.darlington@polarnetwork.org