Emma Lewington

Antarctic Flags, 2018 – 2019

Secretary, 2017 – 2018


I have a background in polar research having completed a Masters in Polar and Alpine Change at the University of Sheffield before embarking on my PhD. This was a great opportunity to gain an understanding of these environments and the processes that occur within them, along with the broader scale issues that are currently affecting them. I really enjoy fieldwork and my MSc included a summer in Svalbard which was an amazing opportunity to see everything I had been learning about in real life and experience camping for the first time! More recently, I also had the chance to join a research cruise with the University of Bergen visiting the North Sea and Norwegian fjords which was a great way to learn how seismic data and sediment cores are collected and a really enjoyable trip.

Current Research

I am currently a second year PhD student at the University of Sheffield. My project aims to increase understanding of the large-scale spatial organisation, formation and evolution of subglacial meltwater drainage beneath former ice sheets using subglacial bedforms as evidence. This will provide insight into how the routing of meltwater at the bed of current ice sheets – which cannot be observed directly over large distances or time periods – contributes to observed dynamic changes in the overlying ice.


Email: emma.lewington@polarnetwork.org

Twitter: @LewingtonEm