Harriet Clewlow

Harriet ClewlowEducation & Outreach, 2016 – 2017

PhD Candidate, British Antarctic Survey, University of Exeter, and WWF


I studied my undergraduate degree at Queen Mary, University of London and graduated with BSc (Hons.) in 2013. Following this I completed a masters (MSc) in Ecology and Conservation at the University of East Anglia, graduating in 2014. My thesis investigated spatial and temporal variation in insect prey of the European Roller (Coracias garrulus) in Southern France. This constituted the first ever research investigating prey availability of the European Roller in relation to habitat management and, in partnership with my colleague, produced the most extensive study of this species ever recorded.

Current Research

I am currently a second year PhD student with the British Antarctic Survey, University of Exeter and WWF (Worldwide fund for nature). My project investigates how climate change is affecting the interactions between three Antarctic penguin species (Adélie, Chinstrap and Gentoo) using a combination of GPS tracking and demographic and individual-based modelling.


Email: harriet.clewlow@polarnetwork.org
Twitter: @HarrietClewlow
Blog: www.penguinscientist.wordpress.com