Jennifer Freer

Jen Freer: Antarctic Flags

Antarctic Flags project, 2019-2020

In 2013 I graduated with an MSci degree in marine and freshwater biology from the University of Glasgow. I was lucky enough to spend one year with the Ocean Research and Conservation group at the University of Oxford where I was first introduced to research in the deep sea and polar regions. Since then I’ve studied deep-sea hatchetfishes, chinstrap penguins and even spent some time working on tropical coral reefs before beginning my PhD at the University of Bristol. Here I went back to researching life in the deep, cold seas – modelling the spatial distribution of lanternfishes to help understand their evolution, ecology and vulnerability to climate change.

I am now a postdoctoral researcher working under the Changing Arctic Ocean program. I use model-based tools to predict the response of important zooplankton species to climate change. A key ambition is that these outputs will help to inform good conservation and management practices. Being part of such a large project has so far been a great opportunity to meet and learn from researchers worldwide and to get involved with lots of hands-on science and outreach work – all of which I am really enjoying!