Jo Ainsworth

Secretary 2018-2019

University of Southampton Marine Biogeochemisty PhD student

My first degree was in Aerospace Engineering of which I graduated in 2004 and spent the next 12 years in industry working for GE Aviation on a number of large system engineering projects. I then decided to turn my passion into my career and completed an MSc in Oceanography at Southampton before starting my PhD here in 2017. I have now just started my second year and I’m investigating the carbon-trace metal interactions and their subsequent remineralisation in the twilight zone to understand more about the drivers of carbon cycling and storage in the deeper waters of the Southern Ocean. The polar regions have always held me in awe due to the challenges in studying them and also the fragility and importance of the interactions of all aspects of oceanography in these environments.

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Twitter: OceanEupher@JoAinsworth4