Jon Hawkings

Jon HawkingsMember-at-Large, 2015 – 2016

Postdoctoral Associate, University of Bristol


My undergraduate degree was in Geography at the University of Bristol, with a focus on Physical Geography. I graduated in 2009 with an MSci. Following this, I worked as a research assistant on a field campaign to Svalbard. I spend three months in Ny Alesund, a remote research settlement, investigating the biogeochemistry supragalcial environments (carbon/nutrient production in cryoconite holes). When I returned from the frozen north I had a two year hiatus from academic life, spending time travelling and working in London with a marketing consultancy.

I eventually returned to the School of Geographical Sciences in Bristol in October 2011 to undertake a NERC funded PhD. My research focused on nutrient production and cycling underneath glaciers and ice sheet. Specifically, I looked at the impact these systems may have on downstream ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles. I finished my PhD in July 2015.

Current Research

I am currently a PDRA with Bristol Glaciology Centre. I am still very much interested in developing our understanding of the role ice sheets/glaciers play in global biogeochemical cycles, and am looking to build on my PhD research. Furthermore, I am attached to a NERC grant called DELVE (DEveLopment and Validation of first generation chemical sensors for glacial Ecosystems). I am involved with the development and testing next generation sensor technology to continuously monitor nutrients and gases in the cryosphere with this project.