Kirstie Jones

Kirstie Jones-WilliamsSocial Media, 2016 – 2017

I originally studied Environmental Geoscience at the University College London which focussed on the interaction of human activities with our planet. I became increasingly interested in the role that the oceans played in global biogeochemical cycles and climate and crucially the complex anthropogenic relationship. I have since studied an MSc in Marine Science, with my thesis in the field of biogeochemistry. I carried out my research at the British Antarctic Survey, specifically focussing on the contribution of pteropods to particulate inorganic carbon (PIC) flux in the Southern Ocean. Pteropods are marine molluscs which make their shell from aragonite and are therefore extremely vulnerable to ocean acidification, especially at high latitudes where CO2 is more soluble and aragonite saturation is naturally low. Regularly monitoring the magnitude of pteropod flux using sediment traps is needed to augment the time series of data and help recognise any long-term trends.

Following an amazing experience at the British Antarctic Survey, I am keen to start a PhD next year which allows me to explore biogeochemistry and our relationship with our polar seas in greater depth. Being a part of a network of like-minded scientists at the UKPN is a fantastic way to share knowledge and experiences and I look forward to the year ahead.


Twitter: @kirstierjw