Laura Hobbs

Laura Hobbs

Member-at-large , 2017 – 2018

Post doctoral research associate, Scottish Association for Marine Science


I studied for my BSc (Marine Biology and Oceanography) and MSc (Applied Marine Science) at Plymouth University. Between these, I took part in an expedition to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic during which we stayed with Inuit communities, and walked about 200 miles through the magnificent glacial landscape. This month founded my love of all things Polar!

On return from Baffin Island (summer 2010), I volunteered to help out at the British Science Festival after hearing about it from the UKPN mailing list, and then joined the committee as the Education and Outreach Coordinator.  Since then, I’ve run workshops at the British Science Festival in 2012 and Dundee Science Festival 2012, along with several school visits.

Current Research

Since autumn 2012, I have been a PhD student at the Scottish Association of Marine Science in Oban. I am funded by the Norwegian Research Council, and have studied at the University Centre in Svalbard as well as taken part in cruises around Svalbard as part of my research. Using an extensive database of recordings from Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers from all across the Arctic, I will be looking into the cues that cause Diel Vertical Migration, particularly during the Polar Night when light levels are below the level of detection.