Lucy Stephenson


  • Pint of Science organiser, 2021-2024



I am currently working as a scientific data assistant in the polar data centre (PDC) at BAS.

The role helps support the work of the Scientific Data Coordinator to ensure polar data from NERC grant funding projects are effectively managed for the long term. It helps assist ongoing management of the Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands fishery and environmental data. Also the role assists with management of BAS biological data including the herbarium, penguin weighbridge data, higher predator tracking data etc.


Previously I worked as a marine biologist in the ecosystems department at BAS, working on a project relating to the South Georgian Patagonian toothfish fishery. I used otolith bones (ear bones) to age toothfish. This data helps inform age-structured modelling for stock assessments of the fishery, to influence management decisions about the fishery.


Other research projects primarily related to benthic ecology. I conducted an internship at BAS, investigating scaphopod diversity (morphometric and genetic) in the Southern Ocean. Following a BSc Marine Biology at the University of Southampton, I studied MSc Marine Ecosystem Management at the University of St Andrews. My masters thesis investigated how herbicides restructured macrofaunal diversity-microphytobenthic functioning relationships. Before that I conducted an internship in the Benthic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning laboratory at the University of Southampton looking at marine invertebrate burrow morphology with novel catscan techniques and compiling the first global marine invertebrate burrow morphology metric database.


In my spare time I like whitewater kayaking, surfing, open water swimming, mountain biking, walking and running (or just generally being outside).