Lucy Stephenson


  • Pint of Science organiser, 2021-2024



Lucy works within the UK Polar Data Centre at the British Antarctic Survey. She is the point of contact to polar science NERC grant holders throughout the data management lifecycle. This involves creating data management plans with PIs, and support to PIs compiling metadata and accessioning data. Lucy works to promote open data, open science and best practice data science within UK polar science.

Lucy recently represented BAS in the Turing Way Practitioner’s Hub, in collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute. With an overarching goal to accelerate the adoption of best practices in the partnering organisations, the Practitioners Hub facilitated knowledge sharing, skill exchange, co-creation of case studies, and adoption of community practices in different teams, all while fostering a network of ‘experts in residence’.

Previously, Lucy also worked on biological data management in the UK Polar Data Centre. She contributed to management of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands fisheries and environmental data, through processing fisheries catch, observer and tag data. She was also involved with processing penguin weighbridge data, developing new data pipelines for doing so, and managing the BAS herbarium.

Lucy has varied marine biology research experience, including South Georgia fishery otolith work for stock-assessments, investigating Southern Ocean diversity of the scaphopod Cadulus genus and micro-CT scanning benthic burrows.