Madeleine Brasier

Member-at-large , 2017 – 2018


I am a third year PhD Marine Biology student at the University of Liverpool, Natural History Museum London and the National Oceanography Centre. I am interested in the diversity, biogeography and functionality of deep-sea Antarctic invertebrates, with a primary focus on polychaete worms. My research methods include DNA barcoding and stable isotope analysis. I also enjoy field work and participated in several research cruises, most recent on the RRS James Clarke Ross to the South Orkney Islands with British Antarctic Survey. I have also worked at the Palmer Station, the American research base on the Antarctic Peninsula as a part of the National Science foundation advanced training in Antarctic biology program.

I joined UKPN to meet other young scientists interested in polar research and have made some excellent contacts and friends as a result. I have been a member of the UKPN education and outreach team for several years conducting many school visits and helped lead workshops at science festivals, museums and conferences.





Twitter: MadsBrasier