Malu Avila

Malu Avila

Education & Outreach , 2017 – 2018


My Polar career started as Arctic Ecology student at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), where I completed my PhD in Arctic Biology in 2011. I have been involved in projects mainly on terrestrial ecology, with particular interest on invertebrate biodiversity, biogeography and colonization of the Arctic. In addition, I have helped in Antarctic marine biodiversity surveys and Arctic and Antarctic microbiology projects.

Currently, I work freelance as Science Consultant and Outreach Officer specialised in Arctic projects. From the research perspective, I have specialised in spatial data analysis, statistical ecology and modelling. In addition, I work as science writer and editor. I work for a range of scientists, both on Polar and non Polar projects. From the outreach perspective, I work as outreach officer organizing Polar activities for primary and secondary schools.





Twitter: @runa_lamaia