Margot Debyser

Margot Debyser: Member-at-large


I did a BSc in Environmental Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh. It is during that time I went on my first research cruise in the Arctic Ocean across Fram Strait with the Norwegian Polar Institute. It is then I absolutely fell in love with polar ecosystems and being at sea and I decided to stay in research and do a PhD in polar research because of this.

Current Research

I am currently in the second year of my PhD, researching nutrient cycling in the Arctic Ocean using stable isotopes of dissolved silicon and nitrate in combination with other biogeochemical and hydrographical data. I have been lucky enough to partake on three more cruises since my undergraduate, two in Fram Strait with the Norwegian Polar Institute, and one across the Southern Ocean in collaboration with the British Antarctic Survey. I am super excited to join the UK polar network to get more involved with outreach and to share my passion for polar science and fieldwork.