Maribel García-Ibáñez


  • Member-At-Large, 2021-2022
  • Social Media Officer (+ UK Russia website), 2020-2021



I am a biogeochemical oceanographer with an interest in outreach and scientific writing. My main research areas are the chemistry of the oceanic carbon cycle (in particular ocean acidification) and the formation, transformation and circulation of water masses, particularly in the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean. I am currently a Senior Research Associate at the School of Environmental Sciences – University of East Anglia.

I have worked previously at the School of Marine Science and Policy – University of Delaware, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Uni Research (Norway) as well as at the Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas (IIM-CSIC; Spain), the latter being where I completed my PhD.

My background includes participation in several transatlantic oceanographic cruises and short stays at outstanding research centres, which include IFREMER (Brest, France), BIOS (St. George’s, Bermuda), and the Geophysical Institute (Bergen, Norway).

As my research field is related to climate change, I have come to realize the importance of outreach and scientific publishing. Consequently, I have pursued opportunities to improve my outreach and writing skills, including being a member of writing groups, taking online writing courses, organizing seminars and being responsible of social media channels of the Ocean Sciences Division (EGU, European Geosciences Union).

As an early-career scientist, I am concerned with the role of young scientists in scientific community. I have been trying to give a voice to early-career researchers by increasing my involvement with EGU initiatives, such as being representative of the early-career scientists of the Ocean Sciences Division (2016–2018) or co-convening sessions at the General Assembly (2017–2019).