Nadia Frontier


  • International Collaboration Officer, 2023-2024


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I graduated with a Marine Biology bachelors in 2019. I am a benthic ecologist currently working with the British Antarctic Survey. Previously, I worked at the Marine Biological Association in England and Roscoff Biology Station in France as a researcher investigating questions surrounding kelp forests shifts in response to climate change.
I spent two and a half years at Rothera Research Station, located to the west of the Western Antarctic Peninsula. I was part of the dive team conducting year-round scientific SCUBA to answer questions about the structure and function of the Antarctic seafloor. Specifically, I investigated the role of macroalgae as the plants degrade in terms of food provision for the invertebrate community and collected data to estimate the sequestration potential of different macroalgae species. I further conducted in situ experiments to measure the seasonal and interannual growth rates and metabolism of soft bodied Antarctic invertebrates. I have worked with the TED-Ed team to produce an animated video about seasonality in Antarctic underwater environments. Together with a personal blog and podcast, I enjoy bringing polar ecosystems to the imagination of the public.
I know first-hand that the polar regions are extremely special and unique. I hope to share my knowledge and experience via the UKPN network. Working as the International Collaboration Officer will allow me to establish links with other APECS committees. I gained an insight into the scientific diving operations at the Alfred Wegner Institute (AWI) in Germany during an internship.
I am bilingual in French and English and hope to expand my Spanish speaking skills. I am looking forward to using my skills to further build relationships with international polar organisations.