Robynne Nowicki

Education & Outreach , 2017 – 2020


MSci Marine Biology


Freelance Polar science outreach officer



I’m a recent graduate from the University of Southampton, based at the National Oceanography Centre, with a MSci in Marine Biology. My interest in the polar regions truly blossomed after I spent six months studying in the Arctic, at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) during the third year of my degree. My studies were focused on Arctic biology and involved a research cruise along the west coast of Spitsbergen, up to 80° North. My time in the Arctic allowed me to see the effect climate change in polar regions first hand, and inspired the topic of my masters research. My work looked at the effect of increased intensities of solar radiation, such as those to be experienced under thinning sea ice, on the physiology and biochemical composition of Arctic phytoplankton and the consequences of this on higher trophic levels.


I am currently working as a polar science outreach officer, going into schools around the country and encouraging kids to take an interest in STEM, and realize the importance of the incredible polar regions! I have plans to pursue a career in polar research, aiming to start my PhD next year, and explore my interest in polar primary production and how the effects of climate change will tropically cascade through the polar food webs. I am excited to meet other like-minded, young scientist through the UKPN!