Ruth Vingerhagen

Ruth HindshawMember-at-large, 2016 – 2017

NERC PDRA, University of Cambridge

Background and Current Research

My research aims to understand biogeochemical processes in polar/alpine environments with the main focus on constraining how chemical weathering is affected by glaciation. The chemical weathering of silicate rocks is a key feedback mechanism for the stabilisation of Earth’s climate by regulating the carbon cycle. I work with isotope tracers (Ca, Sr, Li) in stream water, together with the analysis of rock samples and laboratory experiments in order to identify which chemical reactions are occurring, with a particular focus on seasonal variations.

I completed my PhD in isotope geochemistry at ETH Zurich in 2011. This was part of BigLink, a large inter-disciplinary project at Damma Glacier, Switzerland, which aimed to quantify the effects of recent de-glaciation on soil and ecosystem development. Afterwards, I held post-doctoral positions at Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) and the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. I am currently a NERC PDRA at the University of Cambridge, UK.


Twitter: @RuthHindshaw