Sam Hartharn-Evans


  • President, 2023-2024
  • Treasurer, 2021-2022



Sam Hartharn-Evans is a PhD Researcher at Newcastle University investigating how the ocean and ice in the Arctic interact, specifically, how internal solitary waves interact with sea ice.

Initially studying Marine Biology and Oceanography and later Physical Oceanography at Bangor University, Sam gained an interdisciplinary understanding of the ocean system, and how an understanding of physical processes is critical to understand and manage complex systems involving living organisms. Sam is funded by ONE Planet DTP, which promotes this transdisciplinary approach to understanding global change. 

In his spare time Sam is a trombone player, and Secretary of the UniBrass Foundation – the charity behind the University brass band championships, which Sam ran in 2019. 


Sam’s PhD research is primarily laboratory based, using laboratory scale (7m x 0.3m) experiments to understand the processes and dynamics that link sea ice and internal solitary waves, particularly focussed on understanding how the two systems interplay at this interface. He particularly enjoys that in the lab we are able to directly see these waves that can be elusive and tricky to understand in the field. This research is also complimented by numerical models, which became particularly useful during lockdown!