Scott Davidson

Scott DavidsonSocial Media, 2015 – 2016

PhD Candidate, University of Sheffield


I completed my MA (Hons) Geography at the University of Dundee where my undergraduate dissertation and research was focused on vegetation colonisation of debris-covered glaciers in the Italian Alps. I then completed my MSc in Polar and Alpine Change at the University of Sheffield which included undertaking a course and fieldwork at UNIS on Svalbard, with my research focused on environmental controls on vegetation distribution across alpine/arctic landscapes.

Current Research

I am currently a NERC funded PhD student in the Animal and Plant Science Department at the University of Sheffield (as well as an exchange student with San Diego State University in the USA and collaborative links with Utrecht University, The Netherlands), where my research focuses on the spatial heterogeneity of methane fluxes across arctic tundra landscapes and the role of vegetation in influencing these emissions. The overall goal is to use novel remote sensing techniques to upscale methane emissions from the plot (flux collar) scale to the patch (eddy covariance tower footprint) scale. These include detailed hyperspectral field data and multispectral satellite imagery.


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