Thomas (Tom) Dowling

Thomas DowlingEducation & Outreach, 2016 – 2017

GIS Technical Development Specialist – Enviresearch

I studied Physical Geography at Durham University (U.K), before moving on to masters in Environmental Science: GIS and Remote Sensing at Cambridge University (U.K.). I recently completed my PhD in Geobiosphere Science, at Lund University (Sweden). My latest work and projects can be found at

I specialise in environmental analysis via remote platforms and enjoy solving spatially related problems in innovative and new ways. The main tools that I use are the ESRI Arc suites, the open source OSGeo family, ENVI Imagine, Matlab and the Spyder scientific programming environment (python). Having said this I still occasionally enjoy getting my hands dirty with some glacial sedimentology and greatly enjoy ground-truthing all observations!

A love affair with the cryosphere has continually led to me to focus on the icy realms in my research, with projects taking place in locations such as Iceland, Afghanistan, Svalbard and Sweden to fulfil the urge to explore remote and polar environments. I am also increasingly focusing on documentary and educational film making, often connected to the Polar Regions.


Twitter: @TPFDowling
Instagram: @tpfdowling